Thursday, September 8, 2011

Why I Love Tonic: Yamini, Ann Arbor, Michigan

I have been using Tonic for several months and it has made maintenance of my health regimen much easier. I was lucky enough to be a beta-tester so was able to to use it to manage a complex series of treatments in the past year, including a post-surgery regimen and chemotherapy regimen. Prior to using Tonic, I had been entering various reminders into Google calendar, but found that the various reminders for medications, supplements, and exercise cluttered my calendar. With Tonic, once I've entered my regimen, however complex, I never have to worry about remembering to take my medications and supplements. Although the complex part of my treatment has completed, I still use Tonic today since I have a daily maintenance medication as well as supplements I must continue to take. Since I'm getting back into the business of life, it's even more important that I have timely, reliable reminders of my health regimen, and that these reminders are easy to change. I also love being able to mark that I have completed each task, and I can open Tonic and see if a task box is checked, and at what time it was checked. Having an app like Tonic is essential for me since the only thing I have with me all the time is my iPhone-- so Tonic can be with me all the time, too! -- Yamini, Ann Arbor, Michigan

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