Monday, September 26, 2011

Why I Love Tonic: Michael Nagle, Somerville, MA

"I first saw Rajiv's app Tonic at the Quantified Self Conference. What impressed me about it there was its flexible design -- Raj noted that the majority of chronic illness patients have 2 or more conditions, yet most apps are designed for a single-condition. Tonic appeared to me to be unique in that it let people still keep track of a daily health practice, especially complex ones, yet let people input their own schedule (rather than have to use an exercise app, a diabetes app, and so on to keep track of their various care practices.) I've since become interested in the possibility of using Tonic as a way to help people keep track of health practices that are especially individualized -- like treatments for back pain, where the stretches and exercises you do are very unique to the individual. I suppose to sum up I'd say that the design in Tonic from a user experience point of view was by far the most impressive app I saw at the Quantified Self conference. I'm a fan and hope to work with it more!" -- Michael Nagle, Somerville, MA

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