Friday, September 2, 2011


CureTogether is an advertising-free website that helps you learn from other people with similar health conditions, concerns, or questions. People from around the world have shared information on nearly 600 medical problems, diseases, and questions - like how to eliminate caffeine, or make changes to your diet. You can see the symptoms they're experiencing, the treatments they're trying, and most important: how effective the solutions they've tried have been. So you benefit from a crowd-sourced take on what's really worked (and what hasn't) from this growing community. If you want you also can contribute your own experiences anonymously.

Since I've been looking to improve my sleep (see "Bobbing for Sleep"), I looked up "insomnia" on CureTogether and found that over 4,000 people had shared their experiences in dealing with insomnia. The graphic above summarizes the popularity and effectiveness of a wide range of treatments that these people had tried to sleep better. It was reassuring to find that many people find exercise effective. The information on CureTogether is not going to tell you exactly what will work for you, but it can be helpful in identifying things you might try.

Company: CureTogether
Price: free

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