Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Review: Withings' Blood Pressure Monitor & Bathroom Scale

Paris-based Withings has received rave reviews for their beautiful and easy-to-use connected devices, a blood pressure monitor and a bathroom scale.

And there's a good reason they've gotten such accolades for these two products. I have the blood pressure monitor and it's really simple to use: I just plug it into my iPhone and it's ready to go. After taking a measurement of my blood pressure, I can see charts of my BP and pulse over time.

A friend of mine owns the Withings scale, which measures weight as well as lean and fat mass. It automatically detects up to eight different users (fun for the whole family!) and then sends the data via WiFi to your computer, Android phone, or iPhone.

The only downside to these devices is that you have to pay for the elegant design and first-rate performance; they're in fact more expensive than the basic and boring alternatives. So for me, while the Withings scale is very nice, the inexpensive drugstore version I have seems to work just fine.

Company: Withings
Platforms: Scale (computer, iPhone, Android); Blood pressure monitor (iPhone)
Price: Scale: $159; Blood pressure monitor: $129

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