Thursday, April 28, 2011

Tonic & The Quantified Self

The Quantified Self is a group of people interested in self tracking — gathering and analyzing data about their own lives to see what they might learn, and possibly discover opportunities to improve their lives. They often carry out simple experiments, modifying some small aspect of their lives (e.g. changing what they eat for breakfast, or trying a new exercise) to see what impact this has (for example on their hunger, or sense of well-being, or wakefulness). It turns out that one of the hardest part of learning from such experiments is actually being able to do them, remembering to do the action(s) and record the outcome(s).

At a QS meetup in San Francisco in late March, I spoke about about this difficulty and how Tonic has made self-experimentation easier, based on the experiences of Tonic beta users — VIDEO.

To learn more about QS and meet people actively engaged in self experimentation, come to our first conference: Quantified Self Conference 2011, May 28-29, Mountain View, CA.

Here are my slides & talking points:

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